Death Watches

Dead Socialists over here, obviously, and Dead Botanists over here (e.g., here, here and, more extensively, here), and now some other socialist blogger is running a Dead Kings and Queens Watch over at this new blog (well, new to me), Histomat (e.g., here, here or here).

(It’s almost Fourier-esque, isn’t it? “But who’s going to remind people about the anniversaries of the day that certain kinds of people died?” “I know, the socialist bloggers will be quite happy reminding people about the anniversaries of the day that certain kind of people died!”)


I thought that while I was away I had regressed all the way back to Flappy Bird status, having been a Marauding Marsupial for a long time, bypassing the Adorable Rodent stage on my way down. But apparently this isn’t so much the consequence of a three-week blog-silence, but of general chaos in the ecosystem as major re-engineering is underway.

And, thinking of blogwidgets, do put yourself on the Map of the Stoa, if you haven’t already. Some parts of the world still appear to be unrepresented.