… for the temporary silence, and thanks to those who enquired in a friendly manner after the health of the weblog. With luck not-infrequent posting will resume after a three week break. In part, the inevitable chaos that surrounds the start of every new term was responsible, as was – of course – my own persistent and habitual idleness. I suspect also that after a lot of comment in the week or two following September 11, a lull was always on the cards. It’s a tendency I’ve noticed elsewhere, even in the normally verbose columns of the excellent bobblog, where the initial postings about the destruction of the World Trade Center were met with feverish comment; the more recent ones with near silence. The slump follows the boom as night the day.


Not all of my weblog-related postbag makes it into these columns unscathed. It’s usually valuable to read and to discuss other people’s points of view. Not always. Someone who had found their way to this page wrote to me this morning to opine that “the NY disaster was an organized and amazingly efficient operation, only the likes of the CIA and Mossad could do it” and that “it could be a conspiracy”. What kind of conspiracy? Well, there’s an unsubtle insinuation a couple of sentences further on that it might involve “Jewish owned banks”. Ah yes, that kind of conspiracy.

I’m not at all sorry to report that the weblog isn’t interested in giving space to these kinds of “arguments”, so please don’t bother to send them to me. Either put your garbage in the dustbin where it belongs, or if you can’t quite manage that, send it off to davidicke.com instead.


And so to the relaunch of this weblog. I pulled the plug on it over the Summer in order to concentrate as much as I could on my dissertation manuscript. But the new term is now approaching, and I can’t keep that degree of single-mindedness going any more, which makes it a good time to start scribbling here again. (Tuesday’s events knocked my concentration out of the window, too). I certainly can’t promise to post to the weblog every day, but I hope to do so a few times each week. And, with luck, the technology at blogger.com won’t frustrate me quite as much as it did back in June.

Comments on any snippets are extremely welcome; all that are suitable for public consumption will be posted in the relevant spaces.