Self-parody alert!

The headlines from yesterday’s Daily Mail about the rugby parade on Monday were excellent: “HEROES“, said the front page, advertising a “Glorious 8-Page Souvenir Picture Pullout”. The news article on page two boasted that there were “Nearly a million on the streets – and not one arrest”. And, best of all, on the opinion page, we had this: “On the day the politically-correct haters of our history and identity were routed… PATRIOTIC AND PROUD OF IT”, introducing an article by, god help us, Neil Lyndon.Too busy to post much this week, I’m afraid. Being routed so comprehensively takes up a lot of time.

Ragga Choons

Deepening the trend whereby Guardian journalists reproduce material from blogs they do not properly acknowledge, Simon’s excellent blog has been spotted by the Guardian pop writers:

A reverie on the latest ragga choons might be interrupted with an aside that begins: “For those of you interested in contemporary political philosophy… “

Yes, Google confirms that that’s definitely the silverdollarcircle.[Via the, um, silverdollarcircle]


Dan points out to me a fine correction from today’s Guardian:

The president of a group campaigning for minimal government was misquoted in an article yesterday. Jason Sorens (Free Staters pick New Hampshire to liberate, page 16) said he hoped to create an “autonomous territory”. We printed “autocratic territory”. Apologies.

Sometimes the uncorrected text has a deeper wisdom of its own, of course. Who — apart from Nick Barlow — doubts that Wolves really are the worst team in the Premiership?

World’s Least Likely Baseball Fan

I thought that I was the world’s least likely baseball fan, but in the last few lines of David McKie’s fine obituary for Guardian columnist Hugo Young, it turns out he rooted for the New York Yankees. Somehow that doesn’t quite fit the image I had of him, after fifteen years of reading his columns.

(For fellow Red Sox fans: as of last night, the magic number is down to four…)

Correction & Clarification

No time to write sensible entries: term’s beginning, and I have a lot of writing to do. But this is priceless. From the New York Times:

An article last Sunday about the disappearance of Saddam Hussein and the fates met by other dictators misidentified a prominent and elusive supporter of the Baath Party. He is Tariq Aziz, Mr. Hussein’s deputy prime minister. (Tariq Ali, an author, does not support the Baath Party.)

(via LBO-talk).

Self-Parody Alert

I don’t usually like to reproduce items from other people’s weblogs in full, but Junius today raises a good question:

I wonder who selects the titles for the Independent‘s debate section? A few weeks ago they had “Stoning: Is it ever justified?”, today’s offering is “Saudi Arabia: It is [sic] democratic?”

Self-parody through headline writing seems to be quite a common phenomenon these days. I spotted a copy of Vogue the other day whose cover proclaimed, “DISCOVERED: Traffic-Stopping Trousers”. (But, sadly, they were very dull).