Attention: All Users of the Chris Lightfoot Memorial Naziometer

The Chris Lightfoot Memorial Naziometer recently flickered back into life, recording “one” fairly recently, and this evening moving up to “four”. I don’t read Melanie Phillips’ blog on a regular basis these days, but I headed over just now to see what was going on. And I learned something interesting, which is that the CLMN may be undercounting Melanie P’s uses of the word ‘Nazi’ (and similar).

The Naziometer only counts mentions of the Nazis on the front page of her blog – but now that she’s blogging at the Spectator site, not all of her longer posts appear on that front page; you get the first paragraph, and have to ‘click to continue’ to read the rest on a separate page. So, in her most recent post alone, “Liberal Fascism“, the word Nazi (or similar) appears twelve times, but only four of these have been picked up by the Naziometer. So we shall need to be careful in future when interpreting the invaluable data generated by the CLMN.

Public Service Announcement

If you’re visiting this page after following the link from this post and in search of the Chris Lightfoot Memorial Melanie Phillips Naziometer, it’s on the sidebar about two thirds of the way down the page.

It’s currently reading “zero”, though a manual check reveals that there’s also one “Goebbels”, one “Munich”, one “Hitler” and three “Auschwitz”es.

She Can Run But She Can’t Hide (From the Chris Lightfoot Memorial Melanie Phillips Naziometer)

Melanie Phillips recently sought to outwit the Naziometer, first by moving her blogpage over here, and, second, by not mentioning Nazis for a week or two, and thereby keeping us in suspense as to whether our technology was able to cope with the transition. But it is, and it’s now recording a healthy “four” thanks to this post.


The Chris Lightfoot Memorial Naziometer (see sidebar) was recording pretty low values over the Summer. It was zero for quite a while, and although things have been improving recently, I’ve only been noticing scores hovering around the three / four mark. So I’m thrilled to report that it’s hit sixteen!, which may very well be an all-time high, thanks entirely to this fine post.

Naziometer Falls To Zero For The First Time In A While

I am, however, confident that when Our Melanie starts blogging about the what’s going on, or, rather, not going on, at Leeds University, we’ll see it rising again, with the word “dhimmi” or “dhimmitude” possibly making a reappearance in her blogpages, too.

UPDATE [7pm]: Bingo! Though only one “Nazis” and no “dhimmitude”, alas. But I think she may be warming up for a more detailed treatment of the topic later. And it looks as if we in Britain’s universities “have already given up the battle for civilisation against barbarism”, I’m afraid.

But It Stopped Short, Never To Go Again, When The Old Man Died?

Chris Lightfoot did many valuable things in his life, but one that was particularly treasured here at the Virtual Stoa was the Melanie Phillips Naziometer. It was a bit of code that reported on the number of times the word “Nazi”, “Nazis” or “Nazism” appeared on the front page of Melanie Phillips’ blog, so we wouldn’t have to do a manual count ourselves every day. (It rarely recorded a score of zero, though it did from time to time.)

When Chris died, the Naziometer stopped working, as it was on the server that he had running at home. Unlike my grandfather’s clock, however, I’m glad to report that the Naziometer has started going again, having been revived by Chris’s friends over at Mythic Beasts. It lives over here, and it’s also now been reinstalled on this page on the blog’s sidebar as a permanent tribute, now redesignated the Chris Lightfoot Memorial Naziometer (a label which will help to distinguish it from all the other Naziometers that there might be out there).

It’s currently reporting a somewhat low score of Three, though we might note that a manual check reveals three uses of “genocide” — one of which is particularly tasteful — and two of the verb “islamise” — but only one reference to Britain “ever more eagerly stretching out its neck for the cultural knife”, which I particularly like.


You could tell that Melanie Phillips needed a holiday: the Naziometer, which records the number of times the word appears on the front page of her blog had fallen to zero a couple of weeks ago. Batteries recharged, she’s returned to the fray, and the N-o-M is registering a reasonably healthy seven. (See the big number that appears on the sidebar for the most up-to-date readings.) I don’t think we should worry too much that all seven appearances are in quoted text from somebody else: it’s a good thing to take it easy for a bit when you get back from a trip, and I’m sure we’re heading for regular double-digit readings quite soon.

(There’s also four “Hitlers”, one “fascist”, one “fascism”, and, I’m very pleased to see, one “morally degenerate”.)