Thursday Kitten Blogging

I like living with kittens. Like many of the finest things, they make life more serious and more frivolous at the same time, which is a tremendous double-action. Anyway: here’s Andromache, taking an interest in books:

And here’s Enkidu, lord of all he surveys, thinking about whether to learn a major European language:

I’m still hoping to get a good Andromache-up-a-tree photo, but it’s raining outside, and I don’t want to get wet.

Thursday Kitten Blogging

This week’s drama (and source of anxiety) has been the kittens’ first forays into the outside world. I wanted to get a picture of Andromache up a tree, as she’s quite the tree-climber, but when I was in the garden with the camera, they were just messing around on the lawn.

(I also wanted to get a picture of the Sinclair C5 that somebody parked on the roof of a car around the corner, but it had disappeared by the time I showed up to take the pic.)

Here’s Andromache, then, in the open air:

And Enkidu is on the prowl:

Thursday Kitten Blogging

A rain delay after lunch on the first day of the fourth Test means I have time for a bumper edition of TKB. Here we see the kittens despairing of the Australian bowlers’ problems with no-balls:

Enkidu has found himself an advantageous perch at the top of the stairs:

A fearsome mouse…

And finally: Andromache pauses on her way down the stairs:

More to come…

Thursday Kitten Blogging

The kittens are settling in, settling down, and getting quite a bit bigger already. We’re trying to sort out minor problems to do with fleas and diet and whatnot, and everything’s going smoothly right now. And I seem to be projecting an awful lot of ideas about gender onto these kittens.

Here, for example, is Enkidu, the boy-kitten, settling down to watch the start of the Test Match earlier this morning:

His sister (who is keeping up her aura of mystery by remaining nameless, at least for the present), by contrast, is not interested, even as Marcus Trescothick races to his fifty:

(Warne’s just got Strauss for 48: 112-1.)

Bourgeois Domesticity Achieved

At long last. Key dates:

23 January 1973: born
5 February 1994: pair-bond
19 March 2001: marry
15 October 2004: start of open-ended cohabitation experiment
27 July 2005: acquisition of kittens

Here they are.

This is the boy-kitten exploring the waste-paper basket for the first time.

This is the girl-kitten figuring out how the Venetian blind works.

I was woken up just before six this morning by the noise of small furry animals hurtling around the house very fast. They seem to have made themselves quite comfortable already, and are now hiding under a large sheet, curled up next to one another on the landing.

Names to follow. And, no doubt, more photos.