6 thoughts on “Bob Hargrave: Philosopher. Sceptic. Corruptor of Youth. Dead.”

  1. What a good actor he is .He could sell a line very shrewdly and convincingly and give the feeling that there was iron logic and before you spot the illogic he is off to something else.Actually he talked in this video like a politician ,setting up straw men and ridiculing them .tTuly scientific though,this is NOT
    .He was a very friendly man to talk to though.i hope he still feels cared about for the inner person he is but steadfastly hid from public view.
    I suppose this is the philosophy not of scepticism but of fear and defensive prejudice.

  2. As it happens, I don’t particularly want this comments thread to become an opportunity to have a go at Bob.

    And he doesn’t feel anything–cared about or otherwise–because he’s dead.

  3. It was not’ having a go at Bob’ as you describe it.i knew him and one of his circles quite well.he never objected to contrary opinions to his own as far as I could see.In fact they seemed like meat and drink to him ,wouldn’t you say?

  4. I wanted to ask, did he really work in that Montaignean book-lined tower?

    Visiting my old college recently, finding the *college* library better stocked than my current university library in at least one (admittedly specialised but) important area, I longed for a life like that as fiercely as you can imagine. I’d like to think that at least some people actually live[d] it.

  5. I don’t think that’s his office–I don’t think he was ever senior enough to have a really funky Oxford college room; but then on the other hand, I only came to know him long after this film was shot (and didn’t know about its existence until his funeral), and there’s more than a little that’s quite improbable about Bob’s life.

  6. I came across this by a roundabout route and enjoyed it. He taught me, I’d guess a decade after this. I learnt from him during a philosophy reading week that I had no great talent for poker.

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