TCB (Special Sunday Edition)

Ptolemy hurt his right hind-leg outside somehow yesterday morning, and has been taking it easy since. We hope nothing’s broken. (I’m cautiously optimistic.)

5 thoughts on “TCB (Special Sunday Edition)”

  1. I don’t really know.

    On the one hand, the limp isn’t nearly as bad as it was on Saturday: he is using the leg, and can put weight on it (but he still holds it up when he comes downstairs), and he can run (not especially fast) and jump, in a way that he didn’t want to at the weekend. So that makes me think he’s getting better, and that it’s just a matter of time before he’s back to his usual self, and is the reason I haven’t taken him back to the vet.

    On the other hand, I worry that maybe he’s using the leg not because he’s feeling better, but because the pain-killers he’s on are doing their work, and he’s just got used to using the leg in a way that isn’t unbearable for him.

    If I feel along his paw, he doesn’t flinch when I run my fingers along the top of the bones (I suppose, the metatarsals), or even when I squeeze (although I’ve only tried very gently). But if I put my finger between two of his claws, he pulls the whole leg away. So that seems to be where the injury is, but there’s no outward sign of anything wrong.

    He’s being very stoic. An occasional “miaow” of apparent frustration, but most of the time he seems fine. (Again, maybe that’s the drugs?)

  2. Mmm. If it were just a strain or a knock (as opposed to a break) I’d have expected all to be well by now. But obviously you can see and hear what’s happening and I can’t.

  3. Webpages I looked at about cat lameness suggested most things sort themselves out in a week, and it’s only four days ago that he hurt himself. But I can easily see myself going to the vet again on, say, Friday, if things aren’t improved.

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