It’s Always 2004 at the Virtual Stoa

Very faithful readers will remember Paul “The Thinker” Richards, who lit up the world of blogs in 2003-4. He recently tried to become Paul “The Police Commissioner” Richards, but unfortunately the Sussex Labour Party failed to pick him as its candidate. Still, his propaganda was distributed along the South Coast, and since I seem to be posting things my brother has sent to me, here’s a copy of his election leaflet:

7 thoughts on “It’s Always 2004 at the Virtual Stoa”

  1. Fascinating – I wondered what Paul Richards did in addition to being a big cheese in Progress. Hilarious that the leaflet attacks ConDem police cuts when we know that Progress’s line is that Labour needs to accept the cuts en masse to be “credible on the economy”. Notice that the leaflet doesn’t say “Paul is a member of Progress”. 🙂

  2. Here’s “The Thinker” from 29 August 2003:

    “For my generation, the death of Diana in 1997 is our equivalent of the assassination of Kennedy. We all know where we were when we heard the news.”

    Jesus Christ…

  3. I remember where I was! I was lying awake listening to the radio very late at night when the news of the car-crash came through on the World Service, and I said to myself, she’s probably dead then, isn’t she?, and rolled over and went to sleep.

  4. I remember certain events of the day quite vividly, but I’m afraid I don’t recall precisely where I was when I heard the news. Possibly reading Ceefax in bed first thing in the morning, I imagine.

  5. I remember where I was! Fast asleep in my parents’ spare room. I got up before my girlfriend, as she then was, and about an hour later she trailed downstairs asking, “Why are you all watching television at this time of day?” I explained, and she said, “Oh fuck! This is going to go on and on, isn’t it?” I’m afraid I couldn’t disabuse her.

  6. Oh happy times, I remember baiting this guy. I probably still have some of the blog posts archived somewhere. I remember him being somewhat inflammatory and not very bright, so in a sense a kindred spirit for me, at that time certainly!

    As for the ‘Queen of Hearts’, I got up one morning and switched the radio on to find the usual “best music mix” had been replaced by saccharine, sombre sobriety and after a few minutes they interrupted the dirge to announce that she’d perished. I don’t know how well this stands up to scrutiny but, like many, I see it as the beginning of the era of mass mourning of strangers echoed in the proliferation of roadside tributes to victims unknown to the bouquet bearer, and more recently in Twitter campaigns to raise money for so many individual children with cancer (some of whom turn out to be works of fiction).

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