Twenty four years ago today, Edwina Currie wrote to John Major to break off their relationship.

I wrote to B on Thursday night saying that’s it, no more; posted it Friday morning, so he won’t have seen it yet, maybe not till Tuesday. Because it isn’t quite the fun it was — he has changed… [Diaries, 20.3.1988]

But what fun it once had been!

I wish my flat was filled with one big man in his blue underpants — I wish I was warm and sticky and laughing… [24.1.1991]

Apologies in advance for the mental images this post may conjure up.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. Yes: the first entry is from Sunday 20th March 1988, referring to Thursday 17th, Friday 18th, and, prospectively, to Tuesday 22nd March.

    The second entry is written a few years later, in January 1991, and reminisces about the good old days in the period 1984-8, when they were shagging one another. Currie’s diaries don’t cover much of that period; she only really starts writing it shortly before she breaks up with him, so the March 1988 entry comes early on in the published volume.

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