Ten Years

The Virtual Stoa is practically moribund these days–though as a friend wrote the other day, “the Stoa isn’t so much defunct, I feel, as crepuscular, brooding in a Mediterranean twilight”–but posts do still appear here from time to time (mostly about beavers, admittedly), and this one is just to note that the blog is ten years old today, which is quite old, in blogyears.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading, and especially to those who have stopped in to chat.

6 thoughts on “Ten Years”

  1. Happy Birthday.
    I do hope you get back to more regular posting, because I always enjoyed your posts. And with this government in place it’s nice to know that there are still people who have not gone over to the dark side.

  2. I recently ate beaver, in Estonia. Smoked beaver tail (alongside the vodka) then beaver soup. So get yourself to Tartu to further your beaver research.

    Oh, and happy birthday.

  3. Happy birthday Stoa!

    On another note, I was meaning to mention to you that the director of Blue Blood has made another movie, this time about cricket. It got five stars from the FT (and from a bunch of other people, apparently Stephen Fry liked it, for example). I have been struggling to get to see it -we have a baby :)- but it sounds good. It’s called Fire In Babylon. It may well be on somewhere in Oxford, not really sure.

    *Please do delete if this is inappropriately advertisementish; but I figured that you would be interested.*

  4. Belated congratulations Chris. I was sorry to see your postings dwindle. (So) I have started my own blog, on which there will be some stuff about political philosophy. Are you familiar with the work of Johan de la Court?

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