43rd Labour Blog

Despite barely posting here over the last year or so, I learn that the Virtual Stoa is now the 43rd “top Labour blog” in the latest meaningless blog poll awards thingummy.

On the one hand, this is my highest placing in this particular contest. On the other hand, last year I was both 67th and 86th, whereas this year I seem only to have just the one ranking, which I think is a setback of sorts.

UPDATE: Jamie K has had the rather good idea that those of us who find themselves on this silly list might want to acknowledge it by linking to Tim Ireland’s recent Dale-themed post here.

6 thoughts on “43rd Labour Blog”

  1. Indeed, the blog awards do seems somewhat ridiculous.

    I mean septicisle did an entire blog post on not joining the Labour Party and is in the top Labour groups.

    (Of course, this can all be rationalised by the fact I wasn’t in the top 100 Labour blogs and I’m just bitter, I’m not a Labour blogger, but apparently that doesn’t matter.)

  2. Weren’t you included in a list of conservative bloggers once? Something to do with a misinterpretation of the function of the Dead Socialist Watch, as I recall.

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