Andy Coulson, etc.

From the New York Times Magazine‘s long piece about News of the World phone hacking:

A draft of the paper’s unpublished article about [chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association Gordon] Taylor’s alleged affair indicated it was based on a voice mail message he had received from his assistant. Lewis [ = Taylor’s lawyer] said the message went: “Thank you for yesterday. You were great.” The paper assumed “she was talking about shagging,” Lewis explained. In reality, she was referring to a speech Taylor gave at her father’s funeral.

4 thoughts on “Andy Coulson, etc.”

  1. The whale saga was the only time, I think, apart from the recent election, that I’ve ever found continuous rolling-news coverage worthwhile. It was all riveting, and, in the end, terribly sad.

  2. I can only assume that you were away in August when A Woman Put a Cat in a Bin. Surely the defining – and most riveting – rolling news event of the post 9/11 generation.

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