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What’s the deal with the Lib Dems and the A34? I ended up in a car going from Southampton back to Oxford today, and it’s just one well-known Lib Dem constituency after another — Eastleigh (Chris Huhne), Winchester (until recently, Mark Oaten), Newbury (until a little less recently, David Rendel), then OxWAb (until recently, Evan Harris)? Are there other roads like this that I ought to know about?

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  1. Newbury is blue.

    Rendel won in 1993 when the tories were really unpopular on a 23% or so swing and has lost votes since. two non-Tory MPs since 1905 or so.

    (I campaigned for Rendel, and he was subsequently the only member of the federal commity to vote against the coalition. Lovely bloke too.)

  2. Yes — three of the four seats I mention are currently held by the Tories (which may not be a good omen for Huhne in Eastleigh). But all four were Lib Dem constituencies in 1997-2005, and three for all of 1997-2010.

    Thanks for the detail about Rendel & the coalition — I didn’t know that.

  3. Don’t know about other yellow roads. The M25 may be entirely blue. Haven’t quite worked out whether or not it strays into Hayes and Harlington or Slough constituencies.

  4. Fooling about with Multimap, some postcodes and the Find Your MP section of http://www.parliament.uk, the areas just west of the M25 (Poyle, Iver) seem to be in Windsor and Beaconsfield constituencies, which are not very Labour. (Didn’t Tony stand in Beaconsfield once?) The Buckinghamshire border is to the east of the M25, which may be relevant here.

  5. The A1.

    From 1979 to 2007 the road ran through the constituency of the Prime Minister whoever it was. Finchley, Huntingdon, Sedgefield.

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