The A List: Where Are They Now?

Back when David Cameron’s “A-List” of preferred Tory candidates was published in 2006, I ran a series of posts on the ten of them who struck me being as most entertaining, in one way or another. Where are they now – and, specifically, will any of them be in the House of Commons after 6 May?

  1. Louise Bagshawe, the chick-lit author who once opined that President Bush’s tax cuts had “single-handedly pulled America out of the Clinton Recession”, is heading for victory in Corby.
  2. Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, ‘The Black Farmer’, who struck me as the most impressive of the A-Listees, seems to be heading for defeat in Chippenham to the Lib Dems’ Duncan Hames (whom I’m told is odious, though I don’t really know anything about him myself), but perhaps this one could still go either way.
  3. Julie Rook is the councillor from Deal who was in favour of a local kid getting fined £80 for being overheard by a police officer using the words “fuck all” in conversation with a friend. She’s fighting Wolverhampton North East, where she just isn’t going to win.
  4. Caroline Righton, the former TV-am presenter and author of The Life Audit, is in a close fight with the Lib Dems in St. Austell and Newquay, which she’ll probably lose if current levels of Lib Dem support hold up.
  5. Anti-abortion campaigner Philippa Stroud is trying to dislodge the Lib Dems in Olga Maitland’s former stamping ground of Sutton & Cheam; it’s not clear she’s going to succeed.
  6. Zac Goldsmith is trying to win Richmond Park from the Lib Dems, but I’m going to guess that he’s going to fail.
  7. Priti Patel, who worked for the Referendum Party for two years (‘an amazing experience’), is PPC for Witham, wherever that is, and ought to take the seat comfortably.
  8. Margot James may be the most prominent lesbian in today’s Conservative Party, and she’s fighting in Stourbridge, where she’ll beat Labour’s Lynda Waltho.
  9. God may have called Hannah Parker to ‘follow a path into Politics’, but the ways of the Lord are mysterious, and right now He appears to be consigning her to defeat at the hands of incumbent Ben Bradshaw in Exeter. Could be an upset, I suppose, but I doubt it.
  10. Amber Rudd, former professional ‘aristocracy coordinator’, seems to have a pretty good chance of knocking off Labour MP Michael Jabez Foster in Hastings & Rye.

So I’m guessing about half of this crowd will be returned. Not a bad hit-rate, but not quite as triumphant as it was all supposed to be once upon a time.

6 thoughts on “The A List: Where Are They Now?”

  1. Witham is in Mid-Essex – the constituency is a new one for this election that consists of all the bits inbetween Colchester, Chelmsford, Braintree and Maldon.

  2. Speaking of the Conservative anti-“fuck” crackdown, I thought this was a new low:

    ‘[David Cameron] vowed to fire exam markers whom he said were awarding pupils points for writing only “fuck off” on their papers.

    ‘”As prime minister, I’d have two words for people like that and, yes, one of them does begin with an ‘F’: You’re fired.”‘

    (What mark should pupils who write “please go away” be awarded?)


  3. “Witham, wherever that is”…

    That’s my new constituency mate.

    Yep – it’s about as safe Tory as you’re gonna get. I’m voting Green this time because the local candidate is excellent and if it’s not a marginal seat you might as well vote the manifesto. But Fred the Shred Goodwin could fight this seat with a blue rosette and still win, it’s that sewn up. Having said that there are a lot of UKIP posters around so you never know…

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