The BNP Does Thomism

From the manifesto:

Being British is more than merely possessing a modern document known as a passport. It runs far deeper than that: it is to belong to a special chain of unique people who have the natural law right to remain a majority in their ancestral homeland.

3 thoughts on “The BNP Does Thomism”

  1. Ben – they have actually dealt with that one; their old constitution had a long list of ‘racial’ groups which they considered to be adequately British, including the various pre-modern invaders as well as the Celts.

    Having married somebody whose parents were quite definitely Not From Round Here, I’m more interested in this “special chain” – I wonder if it can be extended indefinitely regardless of dilution, or will it wear thin in parts and need to be pruned (to switch metaphors)? Either it’s just mood music or they really do think in terms of Mischlings & blood pollution – I can’t see any third option.

  2. I’m not sure I’ve seen natural law and natural right being put together in that way before…

    I also wonder what place this special chain of unique people has in the “great chain of being”.

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