The BNP Does Political Philosophy

From the manifesto:

We intend to rebuild the social contract where the criminal was afraid of the police and upright citizens were protected by the law.

6 thoughts on “The BNP Does Political Philosophy”

  1. Good to know. I thought he was just skiving research seminar today. I’d be interested to know what you think of him…

  2. Oh, I like Philip.

    In his first lecture he just gave us a lot of Rousseau, slowly and painstakingly assembled without reference to Rousseau. Right at the end he said, “Some people think this is all just Rousseau”, and then gave some very weak reasons as to why it wasn’t. Second lecture yesterday; two more on Thursday / Friday — it’s all the same kind of material presented in the “Three Conceptions of Democratic Control” article in Constellations.

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