5 thoughts on “Double Rainbow over Clare”

  1. Yes – I’m no longer allowed within a dozen miles of Carfax…

    (I’ve moved this term to a new teaching post in Cambridge, lecturing on mostly twentieth-century political thought, covering for David Runciman of the Politics Department, Trinity Hall, the London Review of Books, and the soon-to-be-defunct Observer Sports Monthly while he is enjoying a long-term Leverhulme research award.)

  2. His book on hypocrisy was very interesting; however, I did feel that he didn’t need all the history to make the political point: politicians who say that they’re hypocrites just like everybody else, are not for that reason less dangerous or even less hypocritical.

  3. Obviously, its an omen. After over a decade of Blairite nonsense, we will witness the inevitable triumph of …drumroll…RED TORYISM and the Big Society! Philip Blond will be so happy!

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