Local Radio Advertising

Listening to the radio here in Cambridge, the adverts all seem to be public health announcements of one kind or another, warning us against unprotected sex, too much salt in our soup, and driving our cars into fens. Has the recession meant that no-one’s buying radio spots at all, so government agencies (or whatever) are just block-booking them all on the cheap, or is Cambridgeshire a much, much more dangerous and debauched (and, I suppose, salty) place than I’ve been led to believe hitherto?

4 thoughts on “Local Radio Advertising”

  1. Evidently the authorities have learned of your arrival and are taking no chances. Are there also adverts, by any chance, warning about excessive consumption of Sidgwick?

  2. It’s possible – all the adverts on Spotify seemed to be from the government too, and I know of one big multinational which is running a large advertising campaign at the moment (not only on radio) because it was essentially given the slots.

  3. Do you suppose this is producing a backlash? Are the youth of Cambridge seeking to outdo each other by sipping Heinz extra-sodium while copulating at 40mph down fenland country lanes.

    I think our intrepid correspondent should investigate on our behalf.

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