Public Service Announcement

My friend Josh Cherniss has asked me to advertise the forthcoming conference on Isaiah Berlin at Harvard, featuring Svetlana Boym, Ioannis Evrigenis, Peter Eli Gordon, Malachi Hacohen, Stanley Hoffmann, Erin Kelly, Janos Kis, Pratap Mehta (hooray!), Louis Menand, Martha Nussbaum, Nancy Rosenblum, Emma Rothschild, Alan Ryan, T.M. Scanlon, Amartya Sen, Michael Walzer and Bernard Yack.

It’s on 25 and 26 September later this year in the Tsai Auditorium in the CGIS building, 1730 Cambridge St, Cambridge MA 02138, USA. And, this being the twenty-first century and all, the conference even has its own blogsite.

5 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement”

  1. Owing your job title to (at least someone who was a fan of) Berlin, do you have to go and/or say something nice about the bastard?

  2. I’m not planning to go, even though the conference will be taking place in my final week as the Berlin fellow. And ‘bastard’ is too strong (unless it’s said in a distinctively Australian accent).

  3. Thanks for this, Chris.
    And I think that even for Australians, “bastard” is only a term of endearment if used in the second person — referring to someone in the third person as a bastard (as opposed to an “old bastard”) is I think generally pretty insulting in any accent. But then you probably know more about contemporary Australian usage than I, so maybe I’m wrong (I certainly hope so, if people are going to be referring to Berlin as a bastard).

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