Indian Premier League

If the Indian Premier League comes to England then we will all need to attach ourselves to teams on a more or less  arbitrary basis. Stoa-readers! Whom will you support? Your choices are between the Mumbai Indians, the Royal Challengers Bangalore, the Hyderabad Deccan Chargers, the Chennai Super Kings, the Delhi Daredevils, the Kings XI Punjab, the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Rajasthan Royals. (Some relevant links over here.)

UPDATE [2pm, 24/3]: Boo, hiss, it’s going to South Africa.

9 thoughts on “Indian Premier League”

  1. I’ve been signed up to the Chennai Super Kings from day one, though the fat blond leggie came very close to stealing my affections.

    But I will be astounded if it actually arrives here.

  2. Royals? Super Kings? Royal Challengers?
    Hmm, it sounds as if nostalgia for the British Monarchy is still pretty strong in India. At any rate,Ill wager you’ll find more monarchist sentiment in India than in The Virtual Stoa.
    “To her Brittanic Majesty, Elizabeth the Second, and the People of Hong Kong …and perdition to their enemies’
    James Clavell, dedication to that delightfully insane celebration of ultra-capitalist anti-communism, Noble House.

  3. Bleu shirts and Sachin Tendulkar is more than good enough for me. (I saw him play an ODO in Bristol once – he actually has a Time Distortion Field around him that makes fast balls slow when he plays them.)

    If they’re playing in South Africa does that still mean the times are congenial to European audiences?

  4. Doesn’t make any difference – whether in England or SA, the games would have started at 4pm and 8pm Indian time, in order to accommodate the live TV schedule!e!

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