Blue Blood: Screening & Symposium

From the Ruskin School website:

The film director Stevan Riley will be coming to Oxford at 4.30pm on Friday 27 February to screen his brilliant documentary Blue Blood in the auditorium at Magdalen College.

Blue Blood follows a group of Oxford students in the run-up to the Varsity boxing match and stars ex-Ruskin School undergraduate Charles Ogilvie.

Stevan will introduce the film and he, Charlie and others will contribute to a round-table discussion immediately afterwards.

Variety described it as one of the better sports movies in recent memory, but Blue Blood is also a wonderful story about obsession and the search for personal identity.

Admission free.

4 thoughts on “Blue Blood: Screening & Symposium”

  1. One way is to do what my friend Luke is doing at the moment; get some wacky American church to pay thousands in course and maintenance fees so you can do Evangelical Studies at some PPH.

    Luke got a Dance Sport Blue out of it, into the bargain.

    Honestly, he’s a real person, i’m not making this up. I couldn’t make Luke up.

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