New Year’s Resolution

Mine is to eat more butter. Happily, this is a resolution that won’t depend on will power alone, as we’ve just acquired one of those bread-making machines, which means there’ll be a lot more bread around the house than usual, which means more toast, which means more opportunities to  smother things in butter.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Our bread-making machine may well be the best money we’ve spent in ages – not least because the quality of the bread is vastly superior to the pre-sliced kind. I haven’t done the maths, but I reckon it must be close to paying for itself already.

    (I would nominate the plasma telly as our best purchase last year, were it not for the fact that BBC4 broadcast ‘Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery‘ almost immediately afterwards, thus graphically illustrating the drawbacks of a 42″ screen. Your medically-minded sister-in-law watched the entire series avidly, needless to say, but she’s used to watching people being sliced open.)

  2. Not only will you be getting excellent eating, you will be helping to deal with the credit crisis and thus speeding the restoration of capitalism to full health, as this NYT piece shows.
    As Recession Deepens, So Does Milk Surplus
    FOWLER, Calif. — The long economic boom, fueled by easy credit that allowed people to spend money they did not have, led to a huge oversupply of cars, houses and shopping malls, as recent months have made clear. Now, add one more item to the list: an oversupply of cows.

  3. Future Archaeologist: this is….a bread-making machine, do you think?

    Other Future Archaeologist: yes, I think so, you can always tell by the extra layers of dust…

  4. Archaeologists sometimes talk of the “beaker people” because they, um, drank out of beakers, so it’s entirely possible that we may be known to future generations of archaeologists as the “bread machine people”.

    (Both my cats were eating fragments of the loaf I baked yesterday, I’m very pleased to say.)

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