Breaking a Long Silence

There are various reasons why there hasn’t been much ( = anything) here recently. One of them is that my hard drive self-destructed last week — and one consequence of that is that if you sent me any email between 11 and 18 December, you might like to send it again if you ever want to receive any kind of reply…

Oh, and if anyone knows where to get a transcript of the Pope’s recent ruminations on gender, please post a link in the comments. Usually is pretty good about this kind of thing, but glancing through the site this morning I found next year’s new year’s message and his recent attempt to engage the world’s Hindus in some kind of conversation, but nothing about trannies.

(He’s had a public debate with Jürgen Habermas, hasn’t he? I don’t see why he shouldn’t go head to head with Judith Butler. It’d be great on YouTube, esp. if he showed up to discuss gender performativity in a dress.)

[Normal service to resume eventually.]