5 thoughts on “Virtual Stoa Endorses Obama, Mammoth Cloning”

  1. Massive cynic and kill-joy that I am, would resurecting mammoths me a good idea? Introducing rabbits to Australia was a bit of a disaster, and look what grey squirrels do to the reds!

    I can’t help but worry that bringing back long-dead species may not be the wisest of courses…would efforts not be better put to making sure the ones we have at the moment not die out?

  2. Not really. I’m no kind of Obamaniac, and there’s always going to be a lot wrong with any US politician who could conceivably win the Presidency, but in a contest between Obama and McCain I don’t think there’s any reason to qualify an endorsement at all.

  3. What do wooly mammoths eat? Wouldn’t they produce dangerously large farts that would bring on global warming even faster?

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