It’s not often we have a genuine celebrity visiting the comments boxes at the Virtual Stoa, especially now it’s in it’s post-only-once-a-month-or-thereabouts mode (sorry about that, these things happen), but Mike Chubb — the man who invented the Winterval, no less — just dropped by to comment on the Winterval-themed thread below, and because his remarks address important Winterval-related issues, I’m rescuing them from the obscurity of the comments thread and posting them over the fold. Oxford’s WinterLight event is on Friday: they’re going to re-open Bonn Square and stick up a funny solar system in Broad Street, or something. (Details over here.) And continue on for Mike Chubb’s thoughts on his magnificent creation…

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Why do Americans have to queue for so long to cast their votes? Is it just another aspect of the general American concern to make it tricky to cast a vote that’s been kicking around for quite a while now, or is there something else going on that I don’t know about? Or do the press just pick up on the long queues in some particularly inefficient parts of the country, even though most Americans can just pop along to the local polling station and cast a ballot in a minute or two, as in the rest of the democratic world? From my memory of living over there ten years ago, Americans don’t much like queuing. Not like us Brits, anyway.