Thursday Cat Blogging: Enkidu, TV star!

Enkidu was on the local news today, filmed trotting across the boatyard site, and looking magnificent.

You can see him, for a bit at least, over at the BBC South Today page: click to watch the “BBC Oxford News”, and he appears one minute and seven seconds into the report. Philip Pullman is on immediately after Enkidu, but it’s a bit of a let down as he lacks the natural screen presence of the black-and-white cat.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Cat Blogging: Enkidu, TV star!”

  1. Yes, why not an interview? The glass of wine/champagne moment bit was fine, but I’m sure Enkidu could have done better.
    Still,Enkidu was indeed magnificent — a star is born?

  2. They say that there are some cats the camera simply loves — and, unlike your man tabby, the black and white avoids that strobe effect when broadcast. Enkidu’s bichromatism may also be an advantage, budget-wise, in the print medium as well. I had just thought I couldn’t bear another bit of politics on television, so thanks to Enkidu for restoring me.

  3. Owing to a computer glitch, we have been unable to view this pivotal moment. Could a private viewing be arranged, a late night screening at the Phoeonix perhaps?

  4. We’ll show it when you come over tonight; and we’re also trying to sort out getting the clip on YouTube. (And if the BBC complains about copyright infringement, we’ll invoice them for Enkidu’s appearance fee.)

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