Jour de la révolution

Do note, by the way, that today is the French Republican Calendrical equivalent of 29 February — it’s the leap-day that comes round in order to complete the quadrennial cycle, hence its magnificently appropriate name.

I’ve long thought that the EU got things the wrong way around when it mandated use of the (French Revolutionary) metric system and stuck to the old Gregorian Calendar. My offer to Mr Brown’s Government is that if they legislate to implement the French Republican Calendar in this country, I shall drop my opposition to the creation of British Values Day — especially if it gets held on the Jour de la révolution, which would mean not only that it’ll only come around every four years, but also that it’ll tacitly, or not-so-tacitly, identify British Values with French Republican Values, which would be a significant improvement on what’s otherwise likely to be on offer.

Year CCXVII kicks off tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Jour de la révolution”

  1. Clearly a good day for referring you, if you didn’t already know about it, to the truly splendidly and awesomely republican ‘Chant du Depart’ which I am ashamed to say I have only just discovered.

    Originally a Jacobin anthem of the Republican armies of the Year II, and known as ‘the brother of the Marseillaise’, it was later the unofficial amthem of the First Empire.

    Here is an instrumental version [with truly awful translation] followed by Russian [!] and French version;

    and here it is sung by Mireille Mathieu;

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