Roll of Honour

It’s always tricky to be the first to stick your head above the parapet, so full marks to Siobhain McDonagh, Joan Ryan, George Howarth, Graham Stringer and Fiona Mactaggart for going public, and let’s hope they make it easier for everyone else to follow.

I’m also seeing names like Frank Field, Kate Hoey, Jim Dowd and Janet Anderson kicking around in these discussions, too, so good for them.

UPDATE [4pm]: Gordon Prentice, too, apparently, so we may be into double figures. [6pm]: Iain Dale thinks Mike Hall and Shona McIsaac may be joining the merry throng, which would give us a dozen.[6:30pm] John McDonnell, also, now there’s a surprise. [Sunday 10:30am] The Observer has Greg Pope and Peter Kilfoyle. The Sunday Times has Barry Gardiner.

16 thoughts on “Roll of Honour”

  1. A roll call of dishonour more like.

    These people are just Tory stooges who should shut the hell up.

    Kate Hoey for example is the most odious of people whose organisation (which she chairs) the Countryside Alliance is determined to get our party out of power so they go back to ripping hares, foxes and deer apart for kicks.
    The rest of this rabble are also not fit to tie Gordon Browns shoe laces.

  2. Sure, Kate Hoey’s pretty odious, and I don’t have much time for Frank Field, either. But on this issue they are right, and the kind of people who think that the Future is Brown are wrong. So good for her, and for the rest of them.

  3. Shorter Chris: “you’re either for us or against us”. Democracy in the Labour Party? The very thought! Power should be kept within a very tight cabal, and all dissent should be crushed, preferably by personal attacks. We don’t want considered arguments.

    BTW, *if* I were a Tory strategist, and these people *were* Tory stooges, I’d tell them to shut the hell up too. Gordon Brown is doing a sterling job of getting David Cameron into power. Unless Brown abolishes elections in case they encourage people to blow up planes or something.

  4. If you read the published comments from John McDonnell I’m not sure where he actually suggests there should be another leadership election.

    He does however criticise the infighting between Blairites and Brownites and suggests the problem is policies not personalities.

    Anyway, unless these people have the numbers to force a contest (and does anyone think they do), surely they can’t do anything but damage the Party? I’ve been out knocking doors most days for the last 4 weeks and although Brown is not popular I’ve had more people tell me they won’t vote Labour unless we stop fighting each other and put some policies forward than people who tell me they won’t vote Labour unless we get rid of Brown.

  5. Anyway, unless these people have the numbers to force a contest (and does anyone think they do), surely they can’t do anything but damage the Party?

    Maybe, but the Party rules are so stupidly protective of a sitting prime minister that it’s best not to take them too seriously.

  6. Anyone who thinks Kate Hoey wants anything but a Tory government in power after the next election is living on another planet.
    For gods sake the nasty sadistic hag is chair of an organisation that is actively trying to get our MPs out of their seats. Its the whole aim of the Countryside Alliance.
    So you can be sure that when she backs something its not in the interests of the Labour Party.
    Come down here to the West Country and you will see her organisation in action for the Tories in marginal seats.

  7. “But your first claim is absurd.”

    Really?? Then tell me why she chairs an organisation directly linked to a campaign to remove Labour MPs from office and which the one of objective is the overthrowing of a law which will only come about if the Tories win the election? Does she turn to the Chief Exec of the Countryside Alliance (TORY PPC and close Cameron ally Simon Hart) and say ‘actually Simon I want to see Labour continue in office and disagree with the whole objective of our organisation’. ERRRRRR no!

    Wake up and smell the coffee!!! Hello!!!!!!!!

    I’m totally fed up with Labour colleagues not seeing what she really represents and what her real agenda is.

  8. Well, I’m only “at the Stoa” as a passing commenter, but Kate Hoey was my MP for a while, and I like her. I voted for her and I don’t regret it. I’ve always opposed hunting – I considered joining the sabs, but it involved getting up to early and sounded boring – but I think the Countryside Alliance have a point: democracy isn’t simply about the majority imposing their tastes on everyone.

    But why aren’t you keeping up? The news is morning is that the nasty sadistic hags are breeding. Fiona Mactaggart, Joan Ryan – I love it that so many of the rebels have Scottish or Irish names. Hunt them down, man! A horrible precedent could be set. Labour members will get the idea that they run the party, and it’ll be chaos!

    Finally, Chris (not Brooke), this is rather confusing, do you have a surname? It would help us direct replies to you. I realise that anonymity is of the essence in your profession, so perhaps you could use an alias. I suggest Mercader.

  9. “I like her. I voted for her and I don’t regret it. ”

    More fool you, she represents the most debased and disgusting of people and as for the CA having any regard for democracy!!! Get real mate.

    You are obviously taken in by her fraud persona. She is a Tory and wants a Tory government, thats the whole agenda of her organisation. If you dont get that well there is not much hope.

    Perhaps you enjoying voting for people who dig fox cubs out and throw them to hounds and who want to bring back hare coursing and stags being chased to exhaustion? How very sad and you call yourself a progressive or Labour, what a joke.

  10. she represents the most debased and disgusting of people

    One wonders then about the health of the organisation which has chosen her as its parliamentary candidate and representative for nearly twenty years.

  11. ‘Chris’ is certainly exaggerating, but he does have a point. Hoey and Field are extremely unlikely MPs even for a centre-right Labour Party. I gather it’s the old story whereby all sorts of unsavoury right-wing opinions are tolerated in the Labour Party, but if the Left pushes itself too far they’re out before you can say Dave Nellist.

  12. Well, I checked Kate Hoey (that’s a link) on TheyWorkForYou. I wish she was my MP. Among the lowest expenses claimants of all MPs (should be expected of a central London MP of course), for transparency, against the smoking ban, against ID cards, against Iraq, against foundation hospitals, against top-up fees, against Trident, against the hunting ban. I don’t see any of that as unsavoury. Pretty much against the whole micro-managing NuLab ethos, but that’s a good thing.

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