18 thoughts on “Sarah Palin!”

  1. And Palin is her married name, so there’s not even the distant possibility of being related to the saintly Michael to fall back on.

    Amusingly enough, her maiden name is Heath…

  2. Dr Sandbrook informs me that her husband is called Todd, and they have five children: a son called Track (!), daughters called Bristol (!!!), Willow and Piper, and a second son called (I kid you
    not) … Trig Paxson Van Palin.

    Quite remarkable.

  3. The nut jobs are thrilled, but Obama supporters should be too. This is surely the worst VP choice in the history of America?

    The average American tends not to be too well-read or reflective in maters political from my recent experience, but they are usually quite savvy and surely the vast majority will see through the utterly blatant skullduggery and unashamed demagoguery here?

    It actually beggars belief, and convinces me more than ever that McCain is not fit to be president. Unfortunately I think he will win, in an albeit tight race, because – and it’s important to use this word – Obama is still a nigger, white mother or otherwise. And in the privacy of a polling booth, after a few weeks of vicious quasi-racist republican campaigning, that will matter. A lot.

  4. Hey Red(mind if Icall you “red”,Chris.Rest assured i dont mean it in a red state sense:-))
    Ill have all you sneering pinko types know that not only did this lady kill her first Moose at the age of seven, she was alsovoted “Miss congeniality” when she ran in The “miss alaska” state beauty contest. (*And she plays the flute!)
    I think Sarah Palin is not only as tough as nails(Camille Paglia’s description) she is a worthy spokesperson for all of us who know that it was God, Guns and Guts that madfe America great.

  5. Did he develop Downs Syndrome before or after they named him Trig? After all, it’s often said that children grow to fit both their names and environment.

    (yes I know Downs Syndrome is a genetic disorder which arises when God blesses a child with an extra chromosone, i’m just bored waiting to find out if Manchester City have thoroughly upset United)

  6. But if this is becoming a football thread, perhaps one of you can answer my transfer-deadline-day question, which is why Man U have got DB for c.£30m, when Man C were offering quite a lot more?

  7. Seeing as you’ve asked Chris, it’s because Berbatov himself had long-ago fixed his heart on United, and refused even to speak to Man City. As Comrade Wenger says, agreement is very difficult when you must please three parties…

  8. So the selling club and the buying club and the player have to agree on the terms – and Berbatov could veto any deal he didn’t like (in favour of the status quo, i.e., staying at Spurs for the duration of his contract)? OK.

  9. I’m just challenging your conception of the good through my experiments in living.

    Re: football, it depends. Frequently players get sold to clubs they don’t particularly want to go to – Milner was sold to Aston Villa recently and it seems clear that neither he nor Keegan wanted him to go.

    Bigger players however get to carry more influence. The Berbatov-United affair has been going on ages. To be honest i’m also intrigued because Spurs were mighty pissed-off with United and Ferguson especially, so must have been itching to sell to City. Presumably Berbatov kicked up such a fuss he threatened to be worse than useless if kept at Spurs or sold to City, so on balance it was just best off to sell him. Plus Spurs got Campbell on loan, whom they desperately needed seen as they now only have two strikers to last until January.

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