From tehgraun, earlier this morning:

2.28am: If Paula Radcliffe was to peel off her own skin and hand it to a child-murdering sadist in return for the safety of 34 orphans, she couldn’t be more brave than what she’s doing here, according to Brendan Foster and Steve Cram in the television commentary box, who have never ever seen anything braver, nor can conceive of anything braver than her finishing ninth or tenth in this race. She’s now drifting way behind the leaders, who are busy winning the thing, but we wouldn’t know about it at the moment, I’m afraid, because it’s all about bravery today in Beijing.

3 thoughts on “Minute-By-Minute”

  1. NBC also spent a lot of time focusing on Radcliffe, presumably because the American who had any chance of winning almost immediately dropped out and they could show interviews with her and easily say her name (although the other motive is that she is the world record holder). Still, NBC knew it’s better television to also focus heavily on a brave winner who breaks from the pack, especially a Romanian winner who happens to live in Denver.

    There was actually another American, but why spend any time on losers? Last I heard of her, she had another four minutes to go before entering the stadium and they switched to swimming. They never even pointed her out on camera.

    I prefer sporting success (especially the beautiful form Constantina Diṭă-Tomescu was able to maintain as she finished) to trump nationalism, but in the midst of the patriotism of NBC’s coverage, exemplified to me in its most blatant form by Cris Collinsworth interview of Kobe Bryant, it seemed very odd to me that NBC would basically state in such blatant fashion, “Team USA is great and these athletes love their country so much and it’s all, but we don’t have time for losers.” I guess it’s the difference from a small country, unsuccessful when it comes to medals, keeping a very close watch on its usually smaller team.

  2. Paula Radcliffe lives as a tax exile in Monaco; I would like to think that her comical and repeated failure to win a medal, despite her bravery, pluckiness, etc., is some kind of cosmic karma.

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