Oxford Expands?

Policy Exchange is basically a parody of what a think-thank is supposed to be — the proof of that is its decision to have the laughable Anthony Browne in a senior position for quite a while now — but people say that it’s fairly influential on Conservative party “thinking”, so perhaps we should pay attention. So here’s a link to a page on its new report, which you can download, that recommends that Oxford (current population, c.150,000) should grow by an order of magnitude or so, with a million new homes being built around the city.

Since it’s the Conservatives on the County Council who have been opposing a very modest urban extension of Oxford on land south of Grenoble Road (a mere four thousand houses), a right-wing U-turn of quite staggering proportions may be on the cards. Alternatively, people may decide that it’s best, all things considered, to ignore pretty much everything that Policy Exchange has to say.

9 thoughts on “Oxford Expands?”

  1. It looks pretty, but seems rather shoddily put together. For instance, in figure 1, where they innovatively compare countries to erm.. chickens, they’ve managed to misspell ‘caged’, and have flipped the high/low labels on the freedom axis.

  2. Hi Chris!
    I actually think building a million new homes in Oxford is a superb suggestion. They should start in Magdalen deer park.

  3. this report was obviously a plant by the tories, coming out coincidentally before Cameron’s tour of the north, thus he can rubbish it and have a pre-planned talking point; and equally it allows them to distance themselves from their fave think tank, with which the relationship was getting a bit too cosy (ie everyone Boris has appointed worked for them).

  4. Used to live in Oxrord, now live in Sheffield. It would probably be a lie to say there isn’t the money in the world that would get me back, but it would need to make a substantial hole in the US GDP.

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