Failure Is Not An Option

From tehgraun‘s minute-by-minute Olympics coverage this morning [at 4:32am]:

Jessica in Connecticut provides an insight into superpower manipulations: ”You may not be aware of how the medal count is being tallied over here. Instead of using the official IOC medal table, which places the greatest emphasis on the number of gold medals earned (and thus shows China in the lead), US media outlets are determining standings based on total medals won. No prizes for guessing who’s in the lead when you count it that way.”

Americans, is this true?

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  1. Well, yes, although they don’t necessarily hide the constituent data:

    Which isn’t to say that American media coverage of the Olympics isn’t insufferably jingoistic. Not to mention saccharine. We had a good five minutes’ coverage of an American volleyballer’s loss of her wedding ring during a match, complete with slow-motion replays, shots of Chinese volunteers diligently going over the sand with metal detectors, and a special report: “Why did this ring mean so much to her?”

  2. I can see the virtues of the IOC’s table right now, which has GB in 9th place and France in 20th, where she belongs. The American table, by contrast, has France in seventh and the Brits in eleventh.

  3. At the opening ceremony, NBC showed the Americans for over ten minutes in the parade of nations, giving sometimes just a few seconds to others. Also lots of Bush shots. Enjoyably, in the bar I was in near NYU, the entire assembly burst out into “U.S.A! U.S.A.!” when the Americans came on, only for them to break into just as loud boos when Bush appeared. It’s selective jingoism, at least.

  4. IHT: ‘In Soviet days there was the story about the race between Leonid Brezhnev and Ronald Reagan, which Brezhnev lost. The Soviet media reported that in an international race “Comrade Brezhnev came second, while President Reagan finished second to last.”‘

  5. I’m pretty sure that US newspaper convention has always been to have the medals table sorted by total medals. Put this one down to American Exceptionalism rather than jingoism.

  6. Yes it is .

    Also, last night Beth and I were watching the gymnastics and when the Chinese were in the lead the commentators were screaming about bias and unfair points awarding.

    But the Americans won in the end…

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