Virtual Stoa Agrees With Ratzinger Shock!

Ever since I started reading the Vatican’s excellent website about ten years ago I always thought it odd that you could get it in English, French, Portuguese, and so on, but not in Latin. Now the BBC is reporting today on the launch of the Vatican’s Latin website and suggesting the Pope’s enthusiasm for Latin might be the reason for its belated appearance. I’m quite pleased with this. Not so pleased that I’ll forgive the Church for its appalling record on child abuse or contraception or for closing down Amnesty International groups in its schools in Northern Ireland because Amnesty thinks rape victims should be allowed to have abortions, or anything like that. But, still, I’m quite pleased.

6 thoughts on “Virtual Stoa Agrees With Ratzinger Shock!”

  1. Fr. Reginald Foster (mentioned in the article) is, of course, a a lot of fun to listen to. His interlocutor, Veronica Scarisbrick, must have one hell of a job keeping him somewhat on point and then compressing the results into five minutes. Admittedly, a huge chunk of that job involves, if all else fails, asking him, “And how would you say that in Latin?”

  2. Welcome to the church my son. Why not read the attacks of the culture of materialism too, or the defence of collective economics in the works of the popes?

    Hope all is well. love the blog

  3. Iassume that Victoria Scarisbeck is related to the Catholic Tudor historian and pro-life campaigner Jack Scarisbeck..its an uncommon enough last name.

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