May Day Around the World: Oxford

And here’s the banner that was unveiled at G. A. Cohen’s Valedictory Lecture here in Oxford, photographed by Chris Bertram:

He also got one of me being the Warm-Up Guy over here.

7 thoughts on “May Day Around the World: Oxford”

  1. (Without disagreeing with Josephine for even a moment) What was Cohen’s lecture about, and how was it?

  2. It was almost entirely stand-up comedy, including impersonations of his undergraduate Philosophy professors from all those years ago in McGill, plus Anthony Quinton, Gilbert Ryle, Isaiah Berlin and others in Oxford. And it was very funny indeed.

  3. I don’t think so. The comments I heard about the banner were entirely positive. Even the ones that included the words, “what’s pre-phylloxera claret”?

  4. Oh, my. I wish I had seen it. I don’t suppose it’ll make its way onto YouTube (along with that World Bank song)….

    Not that I’d turn down a chance to taste pre-phylloxera claret, but it’s also not the first thing I’d liberate, were I to be engaged in the liberation of the contents of Oxford wine-cellars. I expect the older port and Sauternes will have held up better.

  5. A friend of mine was supposed to come up from London to film the occasion – but he didn’t make it. So no film – which is, indeed, a shame.

    (Pre-phylloxera claret is, I think, a two-parts Ronald Dworkin to one part All Souls joke.)

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