Intermission Over

I was away in California (and, briefly, British Columbia) for a couple of weeks, hence the silence. (Actually I’ve been back for almost a week now, but I was quite enjoying the silence, so I let it linger.) I think I was on holiday, but I ended up visiting four university campuses while I was away (UC Berkeley, UCLA, Loyola Marymount and UBC), which isn’t especially holiday-like behavior. I only went to an academic session at one of them, though, so perhaps that makes it all right. We went to the Museum of Jurassic Technology and I saw some elephant seals on the beach, so, as you can imagine, it was a pretty good trip.

Only two people telephoned me while I was in the United States, and one of them was Barack Obama. (Well, someone from his campaign, anyway.) That was pleasing.

2 thoughts on “Intermission Over”

  1. Well you may have missed this excellent letter from Alasdair MacIntyre in the FT a week and a half ago…

    What marks this crisis from the rest

    Published: April 10 2008 03:00 | Last updated: April 10 2008 03:00

    From Mr Alasdair MacIntyre.

    Sir, The salient fact that distinguishes this global financial crisis from its predecessors has been insufficiently noted. Those who constructed and traded ingenious derivatives for Long-Term Capital Management knew exactly what they were doing. They made mistakes, but in retrospect it is perfectly clear what those mistakes were.
    No such clarity is likely to become available about the actions of those who have traded the more complex recent derivatives, if only because so many who engaged in such trading did not understand what they were doing. Capitalism is bad enough when run by the intelligent and the wide-awake. When run by the hypnotised and the sleepwalking, it should frighten even capitalists.
    Alasdair MacIntyre,
    Philosophy Department,
    University of Notre Dame,
    Notre Dame, IN 46556, US

    Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008

  2. Dear me, such terribly simplistic, medievalist, commie nonsense. This “Macintyre” person is clearly unenlightened about our glorious capitalist sytem.The ‘global finaincial crisis” this alarmist is babbling about is simply another example of the Spontaneous Order fashioned by the Invisible Hand.

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