Nigerian Spam

When you’ve won a prestigious Ig-Nobel Prize for Literature it’s hard to know where to go next. Here’s the latest:

I wish to inform you that the New President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Alhaji Amaru Musa Yar’adua has Mandated that all money fraudulently collected by Nigeria Faudsters should be Paid to the beneficiaries not Letter than 10th of April 2008.

We are indeed happy to inform you that your email address was found among this set picked by the software companies in charge of these excersise and we have been mandated to settle you through the nominated bank by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

It has become imperative to settle you to redeem the Nigerian Image which has been tarnished abroad.

Mr. President Has also Promised the International bodies in the G8 Summit Meeting held in Germany, that he will make sure that all the Payment fraudulently collected by Nigerian fraudsters will be paid to the Foreign Beneficiary without Further Delay.

I want to also bring this to your notice that A Draft of ($2,50,000.00) two hundred and fifty thousand dollars  or ATM Card will be Made available to you, We therefore Request you to Reconfirm the  Information Bellow:


You should respond to this mail Immediately with the Information if you want to receive this Draft before the Closing date.

Thanks For Your Understanding,

Dr. Donald Harrison
Oceanic Bank Nigeria Plc.

[Thanks, SM]

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