8 thoughts on “The Mutual Attraction of Repulsions”

  1. Steven Uncles of the English Democrats hasn’t commented on this blog for almost four years, and it’s a pleasure to have him back. Last time he was in these parts, I think I ended up calling him a monumentally stupid man. (I can’t remember why; he might have been being monumentally stupid.)

    Long-time inhabitants of the World of Blogs will also remember that Steven Uncles was the obnoxious blustering fool who went around making baseless legal threats against the late Chris Lightfoot, discussed over here:


    That episode also inspired Chris to write this, which may still be the most helpful contribution to the ongoing debates about Engishness:

    *** There is no part of Englishness which consists in suppressing dissent by threats, and no-one who does so has any claim to speak for England. I make no claim for English exceptionalism; the same, I believe, could be said for almost any country. But we are faced with an ugly crowd who do not belong here, and yet purport to speak for me and fifty million and more others while what they have to say would disgrace a pigsty. ***

  2. Chris’s post seems entirely fair to me, and I look forward to Steven Uncles’ denunciation. Perhaps he could threaten me into the bargain?

  3. Oh, and here’s your previous spat with Mr Uncles, in which you did indeed call him a monumentally stupid man. You also referred to his party as “wretched, comically wretched, comedy people”.

    All of which – again – seems entirely fair, and amply supported by the evidence. Much of which Mr Uncles obligingly supplies.

  4. Perhaps he could threaten me into the bargain?

    He seems to have graduated from threats to abuse, though it has to be said that he’s as bad at the latter as he was at the former.

    I’m pleased to see, though, that the indispensable Urban Dictionary presents “knobhead” as a word to “describe an obnoxious person or someone who has acted in a peculiar and/or ludicrous manner”, which suggests that quite a lot of projection is going on in poor Mr Uncles’ sad little psyche.

  5. Fortunately, the Urban Dictionary makes the distinction (here), and offers several definitions of “knob head” complete with intervening space.

    My favourite, not least because it significantly shifts my original impression of Mr Uncles’ comment is “Northern term of endearment. Can be used both positively and negatively dependant on tone of voice”.

  6. Thanks for this, Chris — I must confess that the English Democrats’ existence had thus far escaped my notice. And I don’t think my life would have been complete without this knowledge.
    (What an unfortunate name, though. I like the English [generally]. I like democrats [generally]. But put the two together and — oh dear. [cf the Russian Liberal Democratic party])

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