A Beaver in Oxfordshire!

Over here. I am proud to share my county with a beaver. It is apparently not the first beaver in Oxfordshire in five hundred years: last summer another beaver escaped from Cirencester and lived in the Cherwell before being recaptured and shipped back across the county line into Gloucestershire.

[It’s also good to see that someone mentions Gerald of Wales in the comments below the article, before it all begins to degenerate.]

5 thoughts on “A Beaver in Oxfordshire!”

  1. Does this not imply that European beavers are kept as domestic pets? Now I’m no expert, having experience only of the (unbelievably destructive) Canadian beaver, a group, or band or whatever of whom are currently wreaking holy hell on the previously well-shaded creek behind my house. But I would not ascribe to them any of the qualities one normally associates with pets. Think of the furniture, for one thing.

  2. Once at the Univeristy of Virginia, a Canadian Professor of History named Martin Havran delivered a very funny lecture on the differences between America and Canada. His punch line (and iwish icould reproduce his accent and tone )was “Your national animal is the eagle; Our national animal is the beaver.”

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