10 thoughts on “The United States (According to Country Music Lyrics)”

  1. Surely “I’ve been everywhere” covers more states? Or does it not count if you only mention somewhere within the state, and not the state name itself?

  2. Yes, it is surprising, even if only insofar as Arkansas figures mostly as a place you want very quickly not to be in — i would have thought a staple of country music. Judging by its tiny size it may be that the Arkansas reference in Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Achy Breaky Heart” exhausts the Arkansas reference set. This despite the fact that the incomparable Charlie Rich — whose tooled boot Cyrus is not fit to polish — hails from Arkansas. It may be part of the vast conspiracy that Hillary Clinton used to talk about.

  3. I wonder how different a comparable map of the blues would be. Slightly more slanted to the south eat, I would guess.

  4. That’s very good indeed. Rather like two very pretentious maps I have showing the world according to 1) The Politics of Representation and 2) Commitment to False Universals. But this one is much, much better.

  5. Hah. This is so amusing. I’d think Kansas or Virginia would be bigger, but then, Kansas is more Dorothy than country music. And do any country songs actually mention Mexico, or is it just there because it borders America? And if so, why is Canada not there? Because no one in Canada sings country music. They’re busy fawning over Justin Bieber. Ugh.

  6. “I’ve been everywhere” by Johnny cash mentions all of the Midwest states. Honestly some of these states need more credit. And Mexico is here because people mention it in songs like “beer in MEXICO” be kenny chesney. And just because some states are considered in the north doesn’t mean they r not country. I’ve been to a state in the north and it was more country than states in the south

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