Dead Socialist Watch, #311

And while we’re on the subject of the New Statesman, here’s Kingsley Martin, who edited the thing for thirty years, 1930-1960, back in the days when it was a moderately important publication. Born Hereford, 28 July 1897; died in Cairo, 16 February 1969.

5 thoughts on “Dead Socialist Watch, #311”

  1. His ODNB entry ends:

    “Already ailing, Kingsley Martin rashly accepted an invitation to stay with the Indian ambassador in Egypt. He suffered a stroke and was rushed to the Anglo-American Hospital in Cairo, where he died of a heart attack on 16 February 1969. He donated his body for medical research. Martin’s legacy was the New Statesman’s continued claim to be Britain’s pre-eminent political weekly, but even before his untimely death that reputation was already starting to fade.”

    It also stresses that he was a keen chess player.

  2. No, it was a real chap. Who used the pseudonym Assiac.

    It continued to have a chess column for quite a while after Martin -I believe the late Tony Miles used to write it for a while.

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