3 thoughts on “Home Advantage”

  1. There’s a old essay on the subject by James Michener (Bicentennial) who, if I recall, concluded that the major contributory factor in home advantage was the vulnerability of the officials to psychological pressure. I don’t know if Runiman’s seen it.

  2. On reading his stuff in the LRB I had formed the impression that Runciman was probably in his sixties. I couldn’t tell you why, but I was startled to look him up just now and find he was younger than I am. I imagine this sort of thing is going to keep happening.

  3. I just had occasion to look at the English league tables and I notice that there are four sides in the Premiership who are yet to win away, including the bottom three.

    No other side in the top four divisions has failed to win away and indeed in the top three non-league divisions only Droylsden, bottom of the Conference, have failed to win away.

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