Oxford Amnesty Lectures

The sixteenth series of Oxford Amnesty Lectures in support of the work of Amnesty International will kick off fairly soon. This year’s topic is “religion and rights”, the lecturers will take place between 25 January and 21 February, and the lecturers are Charles Curran, Simon Schama, Asma Jahangir, Tariq Ramadan, Ronald Dworkin, Chantal Mouffe and Stanley Hauerwas, ending with a debate involving A C Grayling, John Pritchard and others. Website here, schedule here, ticket info here.

4 thoughts on “Oxford Amnesty Lectures”

  1. I’ll be trying to go to Ramadan, Dworkin and Mouffe, but that’s got as much to do with the rest of my timetable as anything else. I don’t know enough about some of these lecturers to have an especially informed opinion.

  2. I was in two seminars with Hauerwas at Virginia( hes a chaired professor at Duke,but used to visit Virginia).Hes a salty, vigorous and cantankerous Christian socialist from Texas who despieses Bush and is a’militant pacifist”. Time named him Americas best theologian and Lingua Franca named him Americas most foul-mouthed theologian. Both statements are true. Hes also a close friend and collaborator of Alasdair Macintyre with whom he edited that excellent anthology, Revisions.

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