The End of Extremism?

Daniel Davies, no stranger to internet flamewars, explains why blogs are likely to spell the death of both far-left and far-right politics in the UK:

Blogs are rather like sodium pentathol or Stella Artois in their effect on social inhibitions, so when you add them to a scene which is largely composed of people with poor impulse control at the best of times, then you are basically lighting the blue touch paper…

To watch the SWP/Respect bust-up, Socialist Unity is the place to go; the BNP is self-destructing in blogland over here.

5 thoughts on “The End of Extremism?”

  1. Well, it rather falls down on its own evidence, to wit that given the availability of strong alcohol drink to the socialist movement for many decades, one might have expected said disintegration to have happened a long time before the invention of the personal computer, let alone the blog.

    Socialist Unity may be the least aptly-named blog in the world.

  2. hmmm, but alcohol provides not only a self-contained memory eraser but also a built-in excuse of “beer talking”. It’s much easier to take back one’s drunken rants against party doctrine and organisation than to do the same with a blog post.

  3. I don’t buy it: if ‘serious’ blog authors can write crap like this: (that is, the two Powertools posts linked from there, not the John Cole blog), politicians (and bloggers) should have no credibility in the US. I believe that “… the statute of limitations period on misrepresenting one’s self to the press in 1978 has expired” was written sober.

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