5 thoughts on “How We Should Remember The Levellers”

  1. I happen to have the Woodhouse edition next to me right now, informing a few quasi-historical references. (As Rawls says something like ‘this is a philosopher’s schematic history and should be recognized as such’).

  2. Do they still hold Levellers’ Day at Burford every year? The one time I went (1997) some reverend gave a speech supporting their repression, leading me to mutter that one should never underestimate the perfidy of a cleric…

  3. It always used to be on the same day as the Cup Final, which used to be my reason for not going.

    When I went I think I was the youngest person there. I was almost 32.

    Odd how the Civil War radicals are associated with such posh places. I believe Cobham, for instance, is just about the wealthiest spot in England.

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