Rivers of Blood: Links Round-Up

Oliver Kamm makes the correct point that Paul Foot’s book on The Rise of Enoch Powell is really very good indeed; Mary Beard provides a classicist’s perspective on his notorious speech; and Simon has a very interesting discusison of West Midlands Toryism.

UPDATE [4.45pm]: So, here‘s Hastilow’s article; here‘s the transcript of the “rivers of blood” speech, and there’s some blog-discussion by Tories here, here, here [ConservativeHome] and here [Iain Dale]. Also Michael White and Sunder Katwala on CiF.

2 thoughts on “Rivers of Blood: Links Round-Up”

  1. Apparently, on returning to the Private Eye offices late at night, having interviewed Powell for the book, Foot is supposed to have put his head in his hands and groaned:

    “Oh my God, I liked him”.

  2. I have long contemplated writing a book on statesmanship, with a section on men and women of extraordinary talent and promise who betray that talent and that promise. In 1961, John Gunther described Enoch Powell as ‘the most couragous” member of Mcamillans cabinet -and he was right. Powell, however,misused his not inconsiderable virtues.
    He had the intelligence and the eloquence to EDUCATE his party on the immigration issue, to explain that people of color were not a threat to Britain. However, he chose to espouse a racist rhetoric and to inflame fear and prejudice.
    I really think, in addition, that for all his not inconsiderable gifts, Powell wasa deeply erratic man. Just look at his crazy theories about Shakespeare and the New Testament.

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