Dead Socialist Watch, #290

Sukha Sagar Datta, socialist doctor. After his nationalist brother was jailed for the murder of two British women in Alipore, Datta was told by his mother, “Please go away to England. I do not wish to lose another son to the Raj.”  He hung around with Indian revolutionaries in London and tried to go off and fight the Spanish in Morocco, but his rifle was impounded when passing through Gibraltar, he never got further than Algiers, and he turned against violent politics shortly afterwards. He married Ruby Sarah Elizabeth Young in 1911, and after a spell in Milan training as an opera singer returned to her native Bristol to study medicine and then work as a doctor in local hospitals until he retired in 1956. Active in the Bristol Labour Party, he seconded the successful motion at the national conference in 1944 calling for Indian self-rule:

When Labour stands at the threshold of power, the key to the unlocking of that prison house is lying on the floor of this conference. You, as men who stand by the faith which you profess, who stand by the brotherhood of men, irrespective of colour and race, you should take up that magic key, you have the power to unlock those gates.

Born in Bengal in 1890, he died in Bristol, 3 November 1967.

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