Annual Beaver Blogging

Regular Stoa-readers will recall that the end of October and the start of November is traditionally the season for a quick bout of beaver-blogging. I’m not sure I’ve got anything beaver-themed to report right now (apart from this, obviously), but with luck we’ll have some beaver stories up here over the next few days. And do please get in touch if there’s any beaver-related item you’d like to see blogged.

4 thoughts on “Annual Beaver Blogging”

  1. Well, your sister-in-law is currently having a legal wrangle with her ex-husband, whose surname is Beaver – but that’s about it for beaver-related stuff.

  2. Was that an albino beaver? Or something else? Whichever: that’s terrific. I don’t think I knew anything at all about the role of beavers in the C17th English criminal justice system.

  3. Well, with the blog move a year ago, Graham’s helpful addition of beaver-themed Rousseau seems to have been lost, so for beaverish posterity I will re-post it here:

    “An Indian will say that as it is the way of Beavers to hole up in dens, man ought to sleep in the open, in a Hammock stretched between trees. No, no, the Tartar will say, man is made to sleep in a Wagon. Poor people, our Philopolises will exclaim with an air of pity, don’t you see that man is made to build cities! When it comes to thinking about human nature, the true Philosopher is neither an Indian nor a Tartar, neither from Geneva nor from Paris, but is a man.”

    -Letter to Philopolis

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