Tony Blair, Envoy

This made me laugh, from tehgraun:

“Blair was really astonished and angry,” says the UN official who gave him a presentation on the devastating effects of Israel’s “security barrier”, settlements, checkpoints, and closures on the lives of Palestinians in the occupied territories. “He asked very smart questions, though I did think that someone who was prime minister for so long should already have known these facts.”

3 thoughts on “Tony Blair, Envoy”

  1. I am quite sure he was very well aware of all the relevant facts. I am also quite sure that as the lawyer that he is, he made it his business to appear that he did not.

  2. I disagree with Justin. I rather think he didn’t. If he had, he may not have taken on the job.

    And, good god, he’s spinning against Brown in the Hate Mail on Sunday. (Blame Mike Power for the link). “Senior Labour sources say that Mr Blair believes his successor has made the same mistake as former US Vice-President Al Gore, who lost to George Bush in the 2000 Presidential election after disowning his old boss Bill Clinton.” Some of us think a certain counting fiasco in Florida was to blame. Can Blair really have forgotten that? Probably. One thing that did for Major was Thatcher carping at him. Blair has either forgotten that too, or, more likely, doesn’t care.

  3. The Florida thing did make him lose despite winning, but if he hadn’t run such a poor campaign then he would have won by too big a margin for them to steal it. It’s entirely fair to call attention to the errors that led to a close race with Dubya.

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