The Chris Lightfoot Memorial Naziometer (see sidebar) was recording pretty low values over the Summer. It was zero for quite a while, and although things have been improving recently, I’ve only been noticing scores hovering around the three / four mark. So I’m thrilled to report that it’s hit sixteen!, which may very well be an all-time high, thanks entirely to this fine post.

8 thoughts on “Sixteen!”

  1. Melanie Phillips’ head must be about to explode this morning following Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize. But I’m not sure how she can drag Nazis into it.

  2. As I predicted, her head did indeed explode.

    Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Gore – along with the wretched Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change whose own untruths would fill a book – perfectly symbolises a western world that has lost its reason and its capacity to tell truth from lies. And anyway, what on earth has climate change to do with peace?

    Didn’t mention Nazis once, though.

  3. It’s hit an all-time-high of seventeen this afternoon, after Mel cut-and-pasted a chunk of Harry’s Place into her “diary”. But most impressively of all, she also mentions “Dr Michael Nazir-Ali”, and as far as I can work out the Naziometer recognises that this is not in fact a use of the word Nazi, and doesn’t include him in the tally. What a finely-engineered piece of software!

  4. Is there anything more to this Islamism = Nazism than “Nazis are bad people; Osama bin Laden is a bad person; therefore ObL is a Nazi.”

    I’d be more impressed by “It is inspired by two sources: the Koran and Islamic theology, plus Nazi doctrine and influences, using not only Nazi-like patterns of action and slogans but also, historically, Nazi funding.” if I didn’t remember that the plot of ‘Greenmantle’ is about an Islamic prophet type the Germans (in WWI) want to lead an insurgency against the British. I’m sure the Nazis did fund the Brotherhood, but as a way of shit-stirring in Iraq and elsewhere and opening up new fronts. I’m a lot less convinced by the ideology behind it all.

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