One thought on “Dead Socialist Watch, #288”

  1. I suspect I posted something similar last year, but I really do urge everyone (or at least those not dependent on the US dollar) to take advantage of the hugely favourable exchange rate to order Criterion’s magnificent three-DVD set of The Battle of Algiers – it’s one of the quality benchmarks I set myself as both a regular DVD reviewer and occasional producer.

    Aside from a first-rate copy of the film itself, there’s a veritable encyclopaedia of information covering everything from its production and reception (ecstatic in Algeria, banned in France) to two centuries of Algerian history to a load of riveting interviews with everyone from Pontecorvo himself to active participants in the Algerian revolution on both sides, to a discussion between US terrorism experts on what lessons the film has for those involved in the Middle East today (plenty, unsurprisingly).

    There’s also a rather poignant Italian TV documentary in which Pontecorvo returns to Algiers in the early 1990s to discover that things didn’t turn out quite the way he hoped.

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